Some Things Get Better With Age. A Spirited Revival has Begun

Palace Bar Horton Grand Hotel Fermented grain mash. That doesn’t sound remotely appetizing, but those three little words actually create an entire world, lifestyle even, around a delicious liquid. A liquid that has been celebrated, prohibited, and revitalized over the course of history. We’re talking whisky, or whiskey depending on your preference.

It’s commonplace within San Diego to hear about wine and craft beer, but whisky? Oh yes, whisky is quickly becoming the hottest drink around town, and it’s no surprise that whisky bars are popping up all over to accommodate the developing thirst.

Scotch, bourbon, Tennessee, rye, Irish… what’s the difference? With whisky popping up all over the place, it’s a good idea to know some basic facts about the differences among whisky’s. That way, next time you order a drink, you won’t have to pretend like you know what you’re talking about, you’ll be a whisky pro.

Scotch is simple whisky produced 100% in Scotland, from malted barley.

Bourbon is made from a grain mixture, with at least 51% from corn, and must be made in the U.S.

Tennessee, if you can’t already guess, is a bourbon that must be made in the state of Tennessee. What makes Tennessee so special? Not sure, except they make excellent whisky.

Rye, is made with rye, but the Canadians, who were the first to make the stuff, didn’t set particular rules about it, so there are few regulations. In the U.S., it must have at least 51% rye in it.

Irish whisky is produced in Ireland, but other than that has no real rules concerning its development, so there’s much diversity among the drink.

Palace Bar at Horton Grand Hotel Fantastic, now you’re acquainted with the types, but are you acquainted with the culture? Of course, you could drink whisky wearing whatever you want, in any type of glass, anywhere, but that’s like saying you’re going to drink wine in a mug, while eating pizza in a junkyard. It’s possible, but it doesn’t quite honor the experience the way you could.

Tweed coats, lace gloves, pressed pants, crisp dresses, are among some suggestions for attire. Of course this isn’t the roaring ‘20s anymore, but still, classy is always an elegant choice.

It’s imperative to note, that whisky is not for chugging. Rather, whisky is for leisurely sipping. One’s intention should be to savor each flavor, the way the craftsmen intended. It’s up to you if you prefer to drink your whisky neat, meaning no ice, on the rocks – with ice, or mixed with other liquids. It’s always fun to drink whisky with a whisky stone, basically just one large ice cube that keeps the drink nice and cool, without watering it down due to melting quickly.

That’s quite enough information to get you started, now you just have to pick out a place to go enjoy some whisky.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough,” well said, Mark Twain.

Well, good thing there’s a never-ending supply of not only good, but excellent, whisky at the Palace Bar. It’s only fitting that the romantically historical Horton Grand Hotel, where the Palace Bar resides, should house a bar befitting its class and style. To go along with the classical ambiance and satisfying drinks, there’s also live music to be enjoyed every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 7-10 p.m. at the Palace Bar. Grab your cigars, don your favorite whisky attire, and join us any night of the week for the ultimate whisky experience.

Ida Bailey: The Most Infamous Madame of the Stingaree

Historic Stingaree District Strolling through the streets of the Gaslamp today, you’ll experience exquisite dining, gorgeous shops, spectacular hotels, and fitness studios. Travel back in time to those same streets about 115 years ago, and quite a different experience you will have.

Welcome to the Stingaree in the late 1800s and early 1900s. What is known today as the Gaslamp District, was the Stingaree, the red light district, back then. You’re much more likely to get “stung” here, in the Stingaree, than by an actual stingray in the Pacific. You’ve now entered the realm of the gamblers, thieves, and prostitutes. Around each corner is an opportunist looking to make easy prey of you.

Throughout this time there were many well-known law-breakers, outlaws, swindlers and more, but none were as infamous as Madame Ida Bailey. Feisty, red-haired, Ida Bailey was the Madame of a pale-yellow cottage, dubbed the Canary Cottage, at 530 Fourth Street.

Prostitutes at this time were plentiful, but Ida Bailey and her ladies were the aristocracy of the Stingaree. These women dressed as if they were going to an opera every evening. They spoke with sophistication and class, and had parlor conversations with their “gentlemen callers.”

The “fat cats” as they were called, the wealthy, well-known business men of San Diego at that time, were Ida Bailey’s most frequent customers. Being frequented by wealthy and powerful men is what enabled the success and continuation of the Canary Cottage for so long.

Another factor in Ida Bailey’s success was her knack for marketing at the time. She would hire a carriage every Sunday, and take her girls for a drive through residential San Diego. This drive horrified and enraged the decent housewives, but the men thought it was quite entertaining. Some even claim Ida Bailey was the forerunner of outdoor advertising in San Diego.

Raids happened frequently in the Gaslamp, but Ida Bailey was always tipped off in advance. Both the Mayor and the Chief of Police were frequent customers of the Canary Cottage, so it’s no wonder Ida Bailey made it through unscathed most of the time.

Horton Grand Hotel As time always proves, no one is indestructible, and eventually, as more and more citizens became upset, the Stingaree began to get shut down. From the mid 1900s all the way up until the 1970s, slowly but surely, the Stingaree began transitioning from the infamous red light district, into the incredible Gaslamp District it is today. We’ll always have the colorful and entertaining stories from the height of the Stingaree, and we can enjoy them while strolling through the lovely streets of the Gaslamp. In fact, if you find yourself strolling past 311 Island Avenue, venture into the Horton Grand Hotel, and learn all about the historic Gaslamp Quarter. You can even eat at Ida Bailey’s restaurant, although food and drinks are the only items available for purchase nowadays.



Not into Craft Beer? No Problem, Craft Cocktails Await You.

Gaslamp Craft CocktailBeer, beer, and more beer. That’s what we’re always hearing about in San Diego, and that’s great… if you love beer. For some of us, there’s a whole lot more to life than good beer. Delicious wine! Right? A good wine is definitely a treat, but what we’re really trying to get at here, is the lesser known world of exquisite San Diego cocktails. Of course, cocktails, as a rule, are not a new concept. Craft cocktails, though, at least in San Diego, are a hot newer trend, and are on the rise. So whether you’re a San Diego local looking for a guide to some of the trendiest cocktail lounges and restaurants, or visiting for vacation or work, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list, in no particular order,  of the most unique, interesting, fun, and even secret, craft cocktail spots in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Palace Bar You can’t go wrong with laid back, yet upscale feel, at this stunning bar featuring over five hundred Scotches and Whiskeys, the largest collection in the Gaslamp. Not only will you have access to a variety of cocktails, there is also live entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10pm.

El DoradoAnother great spot for great cocktails paired with great entertainment. What makes this bar unique is it’s strength in the classic drinks. With so many cocktail lounges focusing on unique and new cocktails, it’s refreshing to find excellently executed classic drinks here.

Cat Eye Club‘60s styled bar featuring mod decor and a dark and intimate setting. You can expect your cocktail to be presented in unique and one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. They have constant deals on cocktails only to be found on their Facebook page.

Cowboy Star This bar is an ode to the old and fabulous Wild West films and the starring cowboys. This bar embodies what the movie stars would do, after they were done shooting – find a bar, and order a drink. When you enter, you’ll be faced with a kick of Western grit, which will be emphasized further in your drink.

Noble ExperimentIf you’re allowed in, you’ll be presented with a lavish room equipped with a skull-lined wall, crystal chandeliers, and attentive bartenders who will knock your socks off with spectacular cocktails.

Fairweather This is truly a hidden gem. Best described as a relaxed, resort-like oasis on the roof of a building overlooking Petco Park. Venture here and leave your worries outside the door. Take a seat, and order one of the best Mai Tai’s you’ll ever have. Or simply tell the bartender to do his worst, which will be your best, yet.

Zymology 21 Most of us hated chemistry in high school, but this chemistry lab is an entirely new, incredible, experience. Regardless of which drink you order, it will be unique. You can expect your drink to be served in a glass tube or beaker. Shrubs, instead of cocktail mixers, are used, along with organic fermented fruits and vegetables.

Horton Grand Hotel San Diego So as you see, there’s truly something for everyone in the Gaslamp Quarter, when it comes to craft cocktails. No matter your style, there’s a bar with a drink to match. Whether it’s cowboy swag, posh princess, science nerd, or beach bum, this list should hopefully guide you to your cocktail mecca. With excellent weather all year round, there are constantly new bars, cocktail lounges, and restaurants popping up in the Gaslamp, so we’ll keep our eyes, ears, and taste buds on the lookout for the next greatest craft cocktail oasis. If you have any suggestions based on your own findings, please let us know!


Stingaree 101: The Gaslamp’s Seedy History

San Diego History From Stingaree to Gaslamp America’s Finest City is a lively, sunny, and successful place, full of hard-working, law-abiding citizens. Some might be surprised to find out that that wasn’t always the case… in fact, the Gaslamp District, San Diego’s gorgeous downtown region, used to go by a very different name, with a very different meaning. Let’s take a trip back to the 1900s, when what is now known as the Gaslamp District, was dubbed the “Stingaree.”

 The area between 1st and 6th avenue, and from H street to the bay, was San Diego’s very own red light district, one that is said to have rivaled the red light district’s of San Francisco and New York. We’re talking saloons, gambling halls, bawdy houses, parlor houses, and more. The reasons this beautiful waterfront region sustained a life of vice are many. A timeline of events might help us put it all into perspective.

 1920s Prohibition – Just like the rest of America at the time, prohibition caused a frenzy of law-breaking behavior. The black market for liquor naturally popped up in the area already known for vice and sin – the infamous Stingaree.

1930s The Great Depression – Take an already troubled neighborhood, and pair it with the Great Depression, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

1930s WWII Preparation – Lots of young servicemen getting ready to go fight for their country, looking to relieve some stress and let off some steam. Business was booming during this time, keeping the debauchery alive and thriving.

1950s Suburbanization – With the expansion of building outside the city center, middle class and wealthy individuals and families flocked away from the dirty and lawless city, to settle down in neighborhoods with peace and quiet, and family values.

Politicians and city officials were known to “look the other way” when it came to the goings-on within the Stingaree, which of course, added to the success of the district. It’s said that the nickname Stingaree was given to the region because visitors would get “stung” by the many vices, the way one can get “stung” by a stingray.

San Diego, From Stingaree to GaslampEventually, in the 1970s, groups of citizens who’d had enough, got together to work on reclaiming and cleaning up the area. Initially it was slow-going, but between combined efforts of concerned citizens and city officials, constant change was underway. Modern day Stingaree is still quite successful… but in an entirely different way! Now known as the Gaslamp District, people flock to the booming waterfront reason to be wined and dined at some of the most fabulous restaurants in the country, to shop at lovely boutiques and malls, to stay at exquisite hotels, and much, much more. The difference between then and now is striking, and the Gaslamp is sure to continue flourishing, and keep on attracting many more visitors each year.


Get Your Brew On: Gaslamp Craft Brewery Guide.

Craft Beer in Gaslamp, San DiegoIf you love craft beer, then you’ll love San Diego. Frequently dubbed the “craft beer mecca,” it’s difficult to venture more than five miles without running into a craft brewery or bar. In fact, San Diego was chosen as one of the eight best beer towns in America. There’s truly a beer for everyone, even those who may not be convinced of craft beer yet! If you’re a San Diego local, or if you’re visiting, check out our list of craft beer breweries  that can be found in, or very near, the lovely Gaslamp Quarter.

Mission Brewery – Originally established in 1913, but then shut down due to Prohibition. Re-established in 2007, and now considered one of San Diego’s top breweries.  Tours are available as well.  Learn more. 

Karl Strauss – A fantastic restaurant paired with fantastic craft beer. Great for small or larger parties. Learn more. 

Stone Brewery Company Store on Kettner – Stone Brewing is one of the most famous craft beer breweries in San Diego, and throughout the entire country. Stone has a lovely little company store where you can purchase goods and taste beer, in the neighboring Little Italy area. Learn more.

Ballast Point – Brewers who love fishing. Sculpin is one of the most famous and award-winning beers, but there are many more to taste, and there’s also food to pair with the beer. The closest location to the Gaslamp, is in neighboring Little Italy, and it happens to have a picturesque little patio outside! Learn more.

Monkey Paw – Nestled within delightful East Village, part of downtown San Diego, the Monkey Paw is a lively brewery and restaurant. Less well-known than Stone, Ballast Point, and the other big names in town, but definitely a must-see for craft beer lovers. Learn more.

Half Door Brewing – The new kid on the block. Literally. The jury’s out on this one, so it’s up to stroll through and tell us what you think! Location wise, it’s great – very close to Petco Park. So for those baseball and beer lovers, this might be the place to try out before a game! Learn more.

San Diego Craft Beer Craft beer can be found almost anywhere in the Gaslamp. Even if you don’t venture to one of the above breweries, nearly every restaurant has at least a few local craft beers on tap or bottled. It’s such a fun experience to try different types of craft beer, and you might even discover your new favorite! If you’re in need of a place to stay near all the fun, our hotel is within walking distance, or a short cab ride, to all of those breweries! Contact us today for more information about staying at the Horton Grand Hotel.

The Horton Grand Hotel is a historic retreat set in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, steps away from many of San Diego’s most famous attractions. Decorated and furnished in the style of the 1880s, the Horton Grand will take you back in time, while offering every modern amenity. Enjoy the tranquil, New Orleans styled courtyard, relax even further at the gorgeous Palace Bar, and indulge your taste buds at Ida Bailey’s. For further entertainment, see a show at the Horton Grand Theatre. Book your stay now at

Let’s Play! Horton Grand Hotel Guide to the Most Fun Events in the Gaslamp!

With the onset of the new year, and perpetual Spring and Summer like weather, there’s no better time to come out and play in the Gaslamp! Between fun holiday events, athletic events, intellectual events, and more, there’s never a shortage of entertainment and excitement in America’s Finest City. In case you’re in need of one, we’ve provided a guide to the Gaslamp’s most exciting happenings over the next few months.

San Diego Bay

Holiday Excitement in the Gaslamp

We may be laid back, relaxed, San Diego, but we are not without crazy celebrations! Each holiday seems to get celebrated bigger and better each year, so get ready to have a blast!

Mardi Gras at House of Blues – Tuesday, Feb. 17th The House of Blues will be featuring Mardi Gras music, food, and drinks. If you’re looking for a mid-week pick-me-up, this is the event for you! For more information visit here.


Mardi Gras Parade and Celebration – Tuesday, Feb. 17th. This is one of the biggest events of the year in the Gaslamp! Block after block downtown is transformed into a giant party, full of exciting floats, music, dancing, costumes and more! Buy your tickets in advance for a better deal! For more information visit here.


ShamROCK 2015 – If St. Patrick’s Day is one of your favorite days to celebrate, then the best event for you is the ShamROCK 2015 in the Gaslamp. You can expect green streets, pots of gold to be found, and lots of spirit. The event will be held on Saturday, March 14th. For more information visit here.


Intellectual Stimulation

Parties and celebrations are fun and exciting, but if you’re looking for something more focused on ideas and creativity, give Ignite a try. 


Ignite San Diego – Imagine trying to present an entire idea in only…five minutes! That’s the challenge each of the 18 presenters has to face in this year’s upcoming Ignite event. It’s basically San Diego’s local version of a Ted Talk. Each person has an idea, program, strategy, etc. that they are working on within the San Diego area and they have exactly five minutes to explain it to the audience. To learn more, or to purchase tickets visit here.


marathon runner legs running on streetPhysical Fun

Eating, drinking, learning, exploring, are all fun pastimes. Combine those with physical stimulation and you’ve got a recipe for success and fun!


Dash and Dine Gaslamp 5K – Grab your running shoes and sense of adventure and hit the pavement in the magnificent Gaslamp this July. As a reward for your hard-running-work, you’ll receive special offers and dining deals post-race. Not only will you be having a blast, but you’ll also be giving back. A portion of the proceeds go towards the Armed Services YMCA programs. To learn more visit here.


For Sports Fanatics

With the close of football season, and the beginnings of Spring, not that San Diego hasn’t already been experiencing perfect weather, sports fans everywhere will be excited for the onset of baseball season! What better city to gaze upon athletes than sunny San Diego?!

San Diego's Petco Park, Coronado Bridge in the background.

Padres 2015 Season Kickoff – The actual kickoff game isn’t being held in San Diego, it’ll be in Los Angeles against the Dodgers on April 6th. Don’t worry, though, the home opener will be worth the wait – April 9th against the San Francisco Giants! Talk about a rivalry! For the full schedule and to purchase tickets visit here.


There’s truly something for everyone is America’s Finest City. With perpetual good weather there’s no limit to the amount of events, celebrations, and activities that take place! The above list highlighted some of the most exciting events happening, but there are always many more! If you’re interested in seeing absolutely everything there is to do in the Gaslamp, we recommend visiting here and here. Of course, the best way to enjoy all of these events is to stay within walking distance of all the activity! We can help you out with that.


Douse Yourselves in Romance at The Horton Grand Hotel This Valentine’s Season

Vintage style couple with suitcases on train station platformElegant buildings, delicious restaurants, and the Padres are just a few of the things that come to mind when thinking of the Gaslamp Quarter. Today the Gaslamp Quarter is a bustling San Diego neighborhood perfect for a girls night out, family gatherings, business meetings and more. Above all else, though, the Gaslamp Quarter oozes romance.


Cities have long been the stage for passions to burst into life and weave their stories. The Horton Grand Hotel, one of the oldest establishments in the Gaslamp Quarter, has existed throughout the many chapters of San Diego history, bearing witness to the comings and goings of love affairs and adventure.


Romantic date in historical residenceThe Horton is a lavish hotel that was built to host important people, such as diplomats, celebrities, and even kings. The hotel was constructed right before San Diego debuted it’s first ever transcontinental railroad in 1885. A railroad that brought with it thousands of new tourists excited to venture into the “land of the sundown sea.” As far as modes of transportation go, none are as drenched in the way railways are.


Bustling city, new railroad, combined with an exquisite hotel built for kings, makes the Horton Grand Hotel a romantic getaway destination. This Valentine’s season, come sit in the Horton’s gorgeous lobby and absorb all the love affairs that may have taken place in the very same space. Imagine the coming and going of people past, and embody the romantic nostalgia, the kind that only comes from dreaming of history and what may have taken place.

 man hold his girlfriend up above the city

No amount of fluffy teddy bear’s and boxes of chocolates can elicit romance the way a historical experience can. Be unique this holiday season and surprise your loved one with a historical getaway, steps from the finest dining, drinking, and shopping San Diego has to offer.

The History of the Horton Grand Hotel; The Beginnings

History abounds at the Horton Grand Hotel, which is a restoration of two separate historic hotels: The Grand Horton Hotel and the Brooklyn-Kahle Saddlery Hotel.
The two hotels were built in the mid-1880s and were originally located where Horton Plaza mall now stands.

1886 – the Elegant Grand Horton Hotel is born.

Opened in 1886, the Grand Horton Hotel was an elegant, ornate Italianate Victorian structure built by German immigrant Peter Mayerhofer in his desire to replicate the Innsbruck Hotel in Austria.

It was constructed by prominent San Diego architects Comstock and Trotsche.

The Hotel was one of 300 structures built during the Boom of the 1880s to accommodate the influx of people to the little seacoast town of 5,000. Over, 26,000 visitors flocked to the town after the arrival of San Diego’s first transcontinental railroad in 1885.

The two hotels known today as the Horton Grand Hotel are the two oldest hotels in the city of San Diego.


Let The Champagne Corks Fly! Here’s Your New Year’s Eve Events Calendar.

Champagne And FireworksRinging in the very first moment of the New Year is an exciting and important moment! You don’t want to be just anywhere for the big night, this moment deserves a premeditated, calculated, decision. First let’s narrow it down to a city… ok, San Diego for sure. Great weather, no need for coats, scarves and the like, a chic, happening downtown area – The Gaslamp, and the beach. Where to begin though? The Gaslamp has MANY awesome events happening for NYE, so check out the comprehensive list below to discover which celebration suits you this year. Oh, and this list includes pre-party and after-party events as well.


Pajama Jam: New Year’s Family Night Out – Have a night out on the town with the family… in your pajamas! There will be fun events for both the kids and the parents! This event will take place at the New Children’s Museum on Saturday December 27th. For more information visit KPBS!

Big Night Events

I’m on a Boat

Few things are more exciting than partying on a boat. Luckily San Diego happens to be situated next to water, how convenient, so there are plenty of boat celebrations to go around. Whether you’re interested in a nice relaxing dinner-with-a-view, unlimited champagne, or unlimited craziness in general, there is a boat celebration for you!


smiling friends with glasses of champagne on yachtNew Year’s Eve Crystal Dinner Cruise – for those folks who appreciate dinner with a view, alongside a poppin’ dance floor!

Pop on over for more info here.

New Year’s Eve VIP Celebration Dinner Cruise – for those folks who are interested in free-flowing champagne…

Celebrate VIP style here.


New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise – dinner and dancing all night long!

Dance your way to more info here.

3rd Annual Moonlight NYE Cruise – for the luxurious partiers.

Cruise on over for more info here.


New Year’s Eve Yacht Party 2015 – absolutely everything is included, get ready.

All inclusive yacht party here.

Concierto de musica. Publico y escenarioMusical Events

Other than eating, and maybe drinking, what else really is there to do to ring in the new year? Listen to music of course! For those of you who are passionate about music, one of these events might be perfect for you.

House of Blues New Year’s Eve 2015 Block Party.

Get to know your neighbors at the block party right here.

Straight No Chaser Happy Hour Tour.

If you don’t need training wheels slide over here for more info.

Happy Endings Guaranteed NYE 2015 at the Shout House – if dueling pianos and live music are your thing, then this is the event for you!

If you’re in the mood to duel find out more here!

“Turnt Up” Events

“Turnt up” is a phrase used to describe those who’ve taken partying to the next level. So for those folks who enjoy such levels of celebrating, we recommend the following NYE activities: 

San Diego New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl – because you might not be able to simply walk.

Crawl your way over here for more info.

Parq NYE 2015 with Mario Lopez – Parq is San Diego’s newest club, and it’s definitely turning up this holiday season with Mario Lopez hosting the young partyparty.

Party with Mario Lopez here!

New Years Eve at Fluxx – hit-up one of San Diego’s most popular clubs to dance the night away to the beats of the one and only TJR, who will be headlining.

We have your most popular club events here.

New Year’s Eve at Sevilla Nightclub – Spanish themed venue with beats by DJ Kaos.

Enjoy beats by DJ Kaos here!

Diamond’s Are Forever New Year’s Eve at Sidebar – dance crazy like you would in a club, without being in a stuffy club.

Shine all night at Sidebar here!  

Tritonal at Bassmnt New Year’s Eve Party – if you’re into a dimly lit, exciting ambiance, check out this venue.

Get down low here!

For Those Who Can Still Function on New Year’s Day

If you don’t plan on being on a boat on NYE but would enjoy brunch on a boat on New Year’s Day…

Check out the these lovely brunch cruises:

Flagship Cruises New Year’s Day brunch info available here.

Hornblower Cruises & Events free-flowing champagne brunch info is available here. 

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what your interests are, there’s a celebration for everyone and anyone! The Gaslamp is a great place to be all the time, but especially on New Year’s Eve! As always, if you’re in need of a comfortable and luxurious place to stay, we’ve got you covered (link to site.)



Holidays in the Gaslamp: A Celebration of Historic Proportions

The simple word “Gaslamp” already brings to mind a picturesque city setting, with beautiful old brick buildings, cobblestone roads, and the hustle and bustle of people, vendors, tourists and, of course, the holidays! Every great city in America has an urban center, where holiday lovers can visit to bask in the holiday spirit and engage in celebratory activities. San Diego, being America’s Finest City, is no different. Don’t let the warm temperatures and palm trees fool you, the Gaslamp’s holiday spirit and festivities are forces to be reckoned with!

If Holiday spirit is what you’re looking for this season, then an excursion through the Gaslamp quarter is just what the Doctor ordered. Block after block is lined with splendid old brick buildings, many of which are decked from head to toe in holiday gear. The icon the Gaslamp Quarter is so famously named after – the Gaslamps – can be found donning lovely red bows and other holiday decor. Holiday atmosphere runs high within the Gaslamp, but there’s much more than just looking, there’s much to do in the name of holiday spirits as well!

Cuteness Overload Christmas Dog.
Pet Parade – Cute animals dressed up in holiday ensembles, what could be more fun and festive? On Sunday December 7th, the 7th annual Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade returns! This year the parade is presented by Downtown Ace Hardware and Market Street Veterinary Clinic. The parade starts and ends at the Hilton Gaslamp Park. For more information about this event visit Gaslamp Pet Parade.

Jingle All the Way
The 2014 Poinsettia Bowl Gaslamp March – Marching bands and spirit squads from the Poinsettia Bowl’s competing teams will parade along Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter, performing holiday classics. The event will take place on Sunday, December 21st. The event will culminate in an exciting battle of the bands on 5th and Market. For more information about this event visit Gaslamp March.

little  girl with Christmas present

Get Your Craft On
Handmade Holiday at the San Diego Central Library – Give the gift of sincerity this holiday season! Saturday December 13th, enjoy live music, local handmade goods, and crafting with the kids at the brand new Central Library. Oh and watch out – there’s rumors the Grinch might be lurking around. For more information visit San Diego Central Library Handmade Holiday.

Take Me Out to the Ballpark
Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park – For 12 different nights throughout December, Petco Park will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Venture to the ballpark where you’ll be able to take a ride of the Polar Express, walk through magical lighting displays, feed live reindeer, explore Candyland, take pictures with Santa and more! Visit San Diego Padres Tickets for more information.

No Snow? No Problem! We’ve Got Ice
family ice skatingOutdoor Rink at Horton Square – San Diego may not get typical “winter weather,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t partake in any of the fun cold weather activities! From now through January 1st, swing by Horton Square and try out your ice skating skills! The best part is that all of the fun had at the rink goes towards a great cause – Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady’s Children’s Hospital San Diego. For more information about the ice rink visit San Diego Ice.

As you can see, there’s no lack of Holiday spirit and entertainment in the Gaslamp! Of course, if you’re coming to the Gaslamp for the Holidays and are looking for a historic, relaxing, and picturesque place to stay we’d be happy to accommodate you! (link here to website/rates/booking). We’ve discussed many of the main Holiday events happening, but you can find a full list of everything that’s happening in the Gaslamp here at San Diego Events.