Halloween Season in San Diego

Ghosts, Ghouls and The Gaslamp This Halloween Season

davis-horton houseThe spookiest time of the year is rapidly approaching, and the Gaslamp Quarter is making ample preparations. One of the most historical areas of San Diego, chilling tales, haunted buildings, and eerie folklore are not too difficult to come by in the Gaslamp.

It just so happens that the oldest building in the entire Gaslamp, the Davis-Horton house, located on Island Avenue, is known to be a ghost-hunter’s dream come true. Convinced there’s been paranormal activity, paranormal research teams flock to the house each halloween to try and prove it to brave witnesses.

horton halloween collageLooking For a Fright….?

Enough about that, don’t want to frighten you out of the Gaslamp… or do we? Whatever your level of fright may be, there’s a Gaslamp halloween event for you. For the partiers, the Monster Bash will make dreams come true. For those who love fake frights, the Haunted Hotel never disappoints. For those who get a thrill from potentially, very real, frights, you must go on a paranormal investigation tour with none other than the San Diego ghost hunters.

Stay Close Together, Or Risk Being Alone When the Ghosts Arrive

Celebrating the spooky season is always tons of fun, no matter what the activities are. Being spooked in real, or fictitious, haunted houses is great for some, and for others, carving pumpkins and eating candy corn is the preferred method of celebrating. This year, we recommend throwing your very own ghastly ghoul extravaganza… or whatever you’d like to call it! What better way to incorporate your friends and family’s favorite halloween activities than providing it all in one space!

Horton Grand HotelThe Gaslamp is teeming with historical spaces ripe for the most spectacular halloween bash. There’s quite the plethora of San Diego Historic buildings, but the Horton Grand Hotel, a San Diego Historic Hotel, takes the cake for the classiest venue. Just in time for the spooktacular season, the elegant hotel is offering… package deal???