Thanksgiving in San Diego

Dine In, Dip Out, or Dazzle a Crowd, Have it Your Way This Thanksgiving

Let’s take a quick tThanksgving Cabin Dinnerrip back in time, to the epic year of 1620. Picture this, a small ship, 102 Europeans, an Abenaki Native American, and then eventually an entire feast which has since resulted in one of America’s favorite holidays – Thanksgiving.

We can all “thank” the bond that developed between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims for both the fledgling beginning of one great nation, and the fledgling beginning of one incredible holiday.

From its origins to now, Thanksgiving is simply about giving thanks for all of our blessings, and spending time with loved ones.

Cheer Twice as Nice Surrounded by Loved Ones

family thanksNo matter where you’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving meal, there are so many wonderful ways to enhance any celebration, and impress your guests. Whet your palette for a dinner to remember with a few of these ideas:

-Spice up the kids table and make them feel as special as adults by placing hand crafted name cards.

– Make some lovely, and easy, DIY pinecone decorations.

– Save yourself some fridge space by providing adorable leftover boxes for all of your guests!

Stay tuned as the holiday approaches for more ideas to come! For those with enormous families, or those who want to host a work banquet, or even a neighborhood get together, you’ll likely need a bigger space. There’s no better place to host an elegant Thanksgiving event than at the iconic and historic Horton Grand Hotel.

Put Your Party Pants On (The Ones With Elastic)

A holiday as delicious as Thanksgiving deserves to be celebrated more than once a year! Thankfully, San Diego has enough delectable and entertaining events on the horizon to keep you celebrating all month long! Here’s a quick sneak peek of the adventure to come:

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-Ice skating, literally, next to the sea.

– Run your heart out and make space to eat more Thanksgiving dinners at the Del Mar Thanksgiving Family Mile Fun Run.

– Cruise around San Diego on a gorgeous ship while devouring a buffet.

America’s Finest City sure knows how to celebrate with the best of them. There’s an endless supply of events, parties, shopping, eating, and all around joy. Best of all, during all of the celebrations the weather stays sunny and bright, with warm temperatures and zero snow. For a luxurious stay throughout this holiday season, consider one of San Diego’s Historic Hotels, the elegant Horton Grand Hotel. Situated in the iconic Gaslamp District, the Horton Grand is serving up holiday cheer, and you’re due for an extra helping.